Quality1000 is a programme tailored for the hospitality industry and founded on international criteria for quality awards. Quality coaching is practical instruction in which a company’s personnel are trained in the use of various tools for quality development.

One of the targets of this coaching is to enable the company and its staff to independently develop the quality of their products, services and activities after training.

QualityNet is a system for the comparison of key figures, tailored for the hospitality industry. It allows companies to monitor their own results and compare them with those of their competitors by country, provincial and narrower regions, project, group or trade, with a focus on customer satisfaction, staff satisfaction, owner satisfaction, etc.

Receiving a Quality1000 Diploma requires a system for collecting feedback. This can be either QualityNet or some other verifiable system.


The planning project for new quality policies and their implementation programme for Finnish tourism began in 2001 at the instigation of the Finnish Tourist Board. The purpose of the project was to raise the quality of Finnish tourism services so that their quality would correspond to their price level. To spur on the work, the planning project for Quality1000 was launched. The targets set for Quality1000 included the creation of consistent quality criteria and indicators for small and medium enterprises in the tourism trade. The requirement for these criteria and indicators was that they should be suitable for different tourism sectors and companies. The vision for Quality1000 was that, in a few years, a thousand companies would be involved in the programme through training, field guidance and other support. One of the most important targets set for the project was that after Quality1000 coaching, companies would be able to independently continue and maintain their systematic work on quality.


We Finns tend to take the high quality of Finnish products and services for granted. In the international market, however, impressions are not enough. To achieve a good or excellent level of quality, you need tools, and to prove your excellent quality to others, you need acknowledgement and diplomas. The Quality1000 Diploma, a certified quality assurance system (eg. ISO 9001), or some other signal of a company’s quality system provides creditability even in the international market.


Three efficient spearheads of development are used in Quality1000 coaching: self-evaluation, the Quality1000 work book and either QualityNet or some other system for collecting feedback. Self-evaluation helps in recognising your development needs and in planning development measures to be taken to achieve your targets. In future, self-evaluation will function as a tool for internal quality auditing. With the Quality1000 work book, work will progress in a controlled manner and the ready-made templates will ease documentation. QualityNet, or the company’s own system for collecting feedback, are excellent tools for monitoring quality development and, of course, for the most important task: listening to customers to improve the company’s activities.


Quality1000 Company Group Coaching is popular for several reasons. Various projects and the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment consider company groups an interesting target financially. The internal networking within a company group during coaching enables important and longed-for communication with other entrepreneurs. Company group coaching is best suited for enterprises that employ 4–10 person-workyears year-round. For companies employing more than 10 people, we recommend Quality1000 Company Coaching.


Quality1000 Coaching is also a functional concept for a chain’s internal development. The self-evaluation tool of Quality1000 is an excellent instrument for charting the development needs in the work environment of a chain's units. Quality1000 does not compete with your chain concept; instead, it complements it and accelerates its development.