Green Start® companies

Haaga-Perho has co-created Green Start® - a tool for responsible business, with Metsähallitus and tourism companies. With Green Start® company is enabled to launch a practical environmental program and proceed towards sustainable tourism together with its operating environment and customers.

Companies with Green Start®  status:

Tourism destinations in Green DQN® –program:

  • Green DQN® Syöte 2010 – 2012 / Syöte Nature Center – Syöte National Park
  • Green DQN® Kalajoki 2010 – 2012
  • Green DMN® Pyhä-Luosto 2008-2011 / UKK National Park
  • Green DMN® Ylläs 2008-2010 / Ylläs-Pallas National Park
  • Green DMN® Levi 2008-2010